Netsuai Ch 1 and Ch 2


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Posted Sep 17, 2015.

Hey All (^w^)

First I just wanted to apologies about the lack of releases. I’ve been quite busy with this semester of school since I’m taking a writing intensive course which means a lot of busy work, reading and writing of essays. I wish I had more time to work on NH projects as I use to but I have to put my course work first right now.

I do plan to start working on a new release sometime next week if I can get the paper I’m working on now done within the next few days. If so then I can work on a few pages everyday until I have to work on my final research paper which is going to take a big chuck of my time but hopefully before that happens I’ll have most of the pages done or have it completed.

Please look forward to the upcoming project and see you all again soon~!

New Release: Kocchimono no Konwaku

Posted Aug 4, 2015.

Hey all (^w^)

Today’s new release is Kocchimono no Konwaku which is the 4th chapter from the manga Acchimono no Konwaku. It features Tsubasa (Peri) and his love Toudou. Enjoy the new release and Happy Reading! Also just 2 more stores left until this manga is complete so please look forward to it.

Also I will be updating the non-members download sections to put all the oneshots that have been complied into mangas in the correct chapter order and under the manga they were released so please double check the new manga folders that will be created for certain stories since many of them are going to be move to these folders.

New Release: Kyojitsu no Imi

Posted Jul 15, 2015.

Hey All (^w^)

Today’s new release is Kyojitsu no Imi! Which is the final story and includes the cover comics from the manga Mayonaka no Acchimono. For those of you who want more of these characters we will also be releasing the last 2 stories from their second volume Acchimono no Konwaku so please look forward to it.

Enjoy the new release and Happy Reading~!

Mini Release: Bamboo Comics Extras

Posted May 25, 2015.

Hi Again All (^w^)

I forgot to add this extra to the other release post and then fell asleep so I’m posting it up now! This release is a short 3 pages about the 3 couples from the Dorobou series. Enjoy this mini release and Happy Reading!

You can find this extra in the special folder of the Naono Bohra download folder.

Double Release: Netsuai Ch 1 and Ch 2

Posted May 25, 2015.

Hey All (^w^)

Today we have something very special for you all…A double release so no waiting in between chapters to find out what happens this time around~! For you reading pleasure please enjoy chapter 1 and 2 of Naono-sensei newest oneshots Netsuai. A story about brothers and family bonds both of which will be tested. Enjoy the releases and Happy Reading!

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