Netsuai Ch 1 and Ch 2


Volumes: 1
Publisher: Fucking DBZ
Genre: Eye Shield 21, soft yaoi,

Genius Attraction - Is Hiruma jealous of Shin during a game?

The Loverís A Devil 2 - Mamori asks Sena to deliver a love letter to Hiruma. Uncomfortable with the request but unable to refuse, Sena gives it to Hiruma who blushes happily. Is Sena jealous about Himura or Mamori?

Devilishness 1 - When everyone is calling for Sena and receiving a smile, what will Hiruma do?

Strange Encounter - What happens to Kurita when the weather gets warm?

Devilishness 2 - After practice, Sena tries to figure out if Hiruma is a good or bad guy. - tatereed

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