Netsuai Ch 1 and Ch 2


Can we share your releases elsewhere?
Do to what's happening with the scanlations situation please don't upload any of our projects to any online viewers. There are plenty of ways for you to access our releases.

I have scans of ________ by Naono Bohra can I send them to you?
If you have scans of any of her works that are untranslated then by all means send them to us. Just don't send us scans for projects other groups are already working on. Not making any promises when and if they will be released but our team will look into it. If you found the scans from an anonymous source and you can't find out who originaly scanned them we will accept those as well.

How can I contact the members of the team?
For website related problems contact our wonderful webmistress Saya or Crystal Espers and for all other questions use the contact form located on the site.

How can we gain access to your releases?
Please go here to gain access our releases. You must have a lj account to post. Get Download Access!

Can we use your scans in order to release a certain project in a different lanuage?
This decision is left up to the original scanner. If they don't mind then it's ok as long as proper credit is given to our group and original staff members that worked on the project. So add the staff members for the project on your credit page or add our credit page to your release. A link back to our site must be added to the page the project will be on. Please check the Foreign Language Department for more information.