Netsuai Ch 1 and Ch 2


Foreign Language Department

Welcome to the Foreign Language Department. Here you'll find our projects that other groups have requested to translate in another language. If you're interested in translating one of our projects use the contact form or e-mail and send us the information below.

User Name:
Project you wish to translate:
Group or name you release under:


1. Only request projects that are complete.

2. You can request to re translate 2 projects at a time (if what you wish to work on is a series of on-going one shots yet to be released in manga form then you can only request to work on the stories in that series). If it's a completed manga volume or doujin collection then you can only request to work on one project.

2b. If the language you requested to re-translate to is not one we get a lot of request for then you might be able to claim more projects than the limit listed above just ask about it when requesting.

3. Add our credit page to your release or credited us as the English team on your own by using our group name and web address.

5. Once a project has been claimed in a certain language don't request to re-translate it in the same one again.

5. You have to use the scanlations for you translation since we don't give out scripts.

6. We don't give out raws so you will have to use the scanlation or your own scans.

7. Send us a copy of your completed project! We would love to see it when your done. Also this is a way for us to know if a project as been released or not and update the site accordingly.


Here's a list of the groups that will be releasing our projects in another lanuage.

Group: Fantasy Shrine (Russian)

Group: Club Shion (Hungarian)
site down Projects: Mori no Kurashi, Mori ni Shizumu Tsuki and Kamisama no Ue no Naka de

Group: Storm in Heaven (Italian)

Group: Naked Truth (French)
Projects: 60-second spin around the world

Group: Yaoi Joint (Spanish)
Projects: Otoyami no Mori

Group: Reve Fruite (French)

Group: The World of Clow (Russian)

Group: DJ Heaven Farm (Thai)
Projects: Devil Mania book 2 & 3

Group: Tenou's House (Portuguese)

Group: Akuma Love (Polish)
Projects: Mori no Koe Collection & Mori no Kurashi

Group: LAZY MAN (Chinese)

Group: Barje y Drow (Spanish)
Projects: Hada no Ue no Renai Jijou

Group: Sweet-Yuuko (Spanish)
Projects: Yuuwaku Sentiment

Group: Dangers of Love (Italian)

Group: Hayana (French)
Projects: Power of Love

Group: Miyu no Fansub (Spanish)

Group: Forbidden Paradise Scan Group (Spanish)
Projects: Zurui Otoko

Group: Ai ni Natte (French)

Group: Apasionada por el Yaoi (Spanish)
Projects: Dorobou no Hikarisha, Dorobou to Hatsukoi 2-4, Lust and Complex & Yaizu Brothers oneshot 2

Group: Black Dagger Sisterhood (Italian)
Projects: Power of Love & Please Give Me

Group: ExNihilo (French)
Projects: Mori no Koe Collection

Group: Bishonens del Yaoi (Spanish)
Projects: Mori no Koe Collection

Group: H.L.D (Vietnamese)

Group: Piyoko Mangas (Spanish)
Projects: Yuuwaku Sentiment

Group: Sweetdeath4u (Vietnamese)
Projects: Hohoemi no Nichijou Ch 4-6 + extra (Omowaku no Arika, Bousoushinka no Yukue, Higashi ni aru Uchuu, & True Expectations (extra)

Group: KY Fansub (Spanish)
Projects: Muchi to Obake no Shitsuke Kata and Koi no Yami

Group: DC Scanlations Team (Italian)

Group: Michi Yujo (French)

Group: Apple Group (Vietnamese)
Projects: Megane Cafe Glass

Group: Addictive Pleasure (Brazilian portuguese)
Projects: Black Outsider and Koi no Yami

Group: DC Scanlations Team (Italian)
Projects: Megane Cafe Glass

Group: Majin Scans (Portuguese)
Projects: Mori no Koe

Group: Catalina (Spanish)

Group: Whitelies Fansub (Spanish)
Projects: Mahou Tsukai no Namida

Group: Baka Yaoi! (French)
Projects: Urahara to Dilemma

Group: Muraki No Fansub (Spanish)
Projects: The Circle

Group: Khevhin Fansub (Spanish)
Projects: Netsuai

Group: Thi Mit - Hoa qua Famulei (Vietnamese)

Group: Phoenix Group (formaly known as Nekopan Group) (Vietnamese)
Projects: Kamisama no Naka no Ude

Group: Aoki Scan (Portuguese)
Projects: Mahou Tsukai No Namida

Group: henTai Team (Vietnamese)
Projects: Mayonaka no Acchimono

Group: ERAP SCANS (Spanish)
Projects: Mayonaka no Acchimono

Group: OrcaLoveDolphin Translation Group (Vietnamese)
Projects: Dorobou to Hatsukoi, Black Outsider, The Circle, Blood Chip and Blood Trap

Released Projects

Otoyami no Mori, Yumeoi no Mori, Yoru Utao Mori & Itsuwari no Mori - (Hungarian) - Club Shion
Blood Hope, Blood Trap, Blood Chip, The Circle, Akuma no Issho & Organic - (French) Reve Fruite
Alluring Sentiment 2 + extra, Mori no Koe ~Collection~ - (Italian) Storm in Heaven
Otoyami no Mori, Yumeoi no Mori, Yoru Utau Mori, Blood Hope & Blood Chip - (Russian) - Call of the Wind
Lucky Item - (Italian) - Dangers of Love
Hada no ue no Ren-ai Jijou, Renai Nenrei -Himitsu-, Hands Off, Black Outsider, Power of Love, Please Give Me - (French) Naked Truth
The Circle & Yumeoi no Mori - (Portuguese) Tenou's House
The Circle - (Spanish) Barje y Drow
Blood Hope, Blood Trap & Blood Chip - (Spanish) - Miyu no Fansub
The Circle - (Russian) - The World of Clow
Yume no Koe - (French) - ExNihilo
Yumeo no Mori, Yoru Utau Mori , Otoyami no Mori ~Yume no Koe~, Organic, Power of Love & The Circle (Russian) - Fantasy Shrine
Power of Love, Please Give Me, Urahara to Jirenma, Lucky Item, Yaizu Brothers Oneshot 1, Urahara to Jirenma 2 & Yumiya no Nichijou - (Spanish) - Passion Yaoi Love
Blood Hope, Blood Trap and Blood Chip - (Chinese) - LAZY MAN
The Circle - (Vietnamese) - H.L.D
Megane Cafe Glass, Megane Cafe Glass Dj, Arrested Man, Organic & Koi To Obake No Sodatekata (Spanish) - KY Fansub
Blood Trap, Blood Chip & Akuma no Issho - (Italian) - Black Dagger Sisterhood
Megane Cafe Glass - (Italian) - DC Scanlations Team
Megane Cafe Glass - (French) - Michi Yujo
Dorobou to Hatsukoi 1,2 and 3 - (Brazilian portuguese) - Addictive Pleasure
Dorobou to Hatsukoi 1, Black outsider, Burn Out, Yaizu brothers oneshot 1, Power of Love, Please Give Me, Urahara to Jirenma 1, Urahara to Jirenma 2 & Yumiya no Nichijou - (Spanish) - Apasionada por el Yaoi
Netsuai ch 1 & 2 - (Vietnamese) - Thi Mit - Hoa qua Famulei
Acchimono Mayonaka - (Spanish) - Catalina
Blood Hope, Blood Trap and Blood Chip - (Spanish) - Yaoi Joint