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New Release: Trip Lovers Ch 2

Posted Apr 2, 2017.

Hey All (^w^)

Today’s new release is Trip Lovers Ch 2 which is one of our joint projects with the amazing group Fujoshi Bitches. Make sure to send thanks there way as well since they have been such a joy to work with. Enjoy the new release and Happy Reading~!

New Release: This is Work Too! (Part 2)

Posted Feb 26, 2017.

Hello All (^w^)

Today’s new release is Ore no Shigoto Desu by Nerima Zim which is the second part to one of our previous projects Kore mo Shigoto Desu. Enjoy the new release and Happy Reading!

New Release: Strawberry Combat

Posted Feb 4, 2017.

Hello All (^w^)

Today’s new release is the last chapter of Strawberry Combat by Naono Bohra which is our joint project with the amazing group BangAQUA! When the tank is released we plan to work on any extras that are included as well. Enjoy the new release and Happy Reading!

Happy New Years + Release

Posted Jan 1, 2017.

Happy New Year Everybody! First I would like to thank all the staff new and old that helped out this year. I really appreciate them taking the time to help out the group to make make the projects that we plan to work on a reality for everyone.

I would also like to thank all the groups that we have done joint projects with since without them a lot of our releases wouldn’t be possible without their help and support.

Lastly I would like to thank you the readers for being fans of our releases after all this time since all your words of encouragement really motivate us to keep going and working on manga we hope you all find interesting and entertaining.

Everyone please continue to offer us your support for 2017 and hopefully we will be able to bring you all another year of wonderful releases!

Our first release of 2017 is Surely the Kiss of my Dreams Chapter 2 By Kazao. Enjoy the new release and Happy Reading~!

Triple Release of NEW Projects!!

Posted Dec 7, 2016.

Hello All (^w^)

Today’s releases are super special since I’m finally able to share all the new projects we’ve been working on and introduce the new staff that made it all possible. Many thanks goes out to Emilytarot who translated all three of these chapters at lighting speed, Angelxo and Kawym who each cleaned a manga project and did an amazing job and MarineHaddock who I depended on to redraw those difficult areas and who makes redrawing look so easy.

Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for Naono Holics is happy to present:

Surely the Kiss of my Dreams Ch 1 By Kazao
Kore mo Shigoto Desu (This is work Too!) Part 1 By Nerima Zim &
Barbarities Ch 1 By Suzuki Tsuta

Enjoy the new releases Happy Reading and let us know what you think of all the new projects in the comments~!
The website will also be update with the new projects soon!

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