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New Project: Secret News

Posted Apr 19, 2009.

Hey All (^w^)

I’m here to announce our new project Secret News by Naono Bohra that was released in the Reijin 5-2009 issue. A project page will be available later today.

New Release: Hada no Ue no Renai Jijou

Posted Apr 18, 2009.

Hey All ヽ( ´ー`)ノ

Today Naono Holics is releasing the oneshot Hada no Ue no Renai Jijou featuring Yamaji-san and Tsukishim-kun from the story Sin is Above Skin Level and the doujinshi Hada no Ue ni furu Hana. You can find the links at our lj or the project page on the site. Happy Reading!!

New Release: Itsuwari no Mori

Posted Apr 14, 2009.

Hi All (^w^)

Today Naono Holics is releasing story 3 from the Mori no Koe -Total Collection—Itsuwari no Mori. Featuring Yuusu and Hugh and a few other familiar faces. This just leaves one more story before this collection is complete. Enjoy the new release! You can find the links at our lj or the Mori no Koe project page.

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