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New Releases: Power of Love and In the Gods Arms

Posted Jan 21, 2010.

Hello All (^w^)

Today we have 3 new release for everyone! First is the oneshot Power of Love by Naono Bohra and the other two are Ch2b & 3 of In the Gods Arms by Nekota Yonezou. Also if you already haven’t download version 2 of In the Gods Arms Ch2a since there was a name correction. Enjoy the new release and Happy Reading!

New Release: Tamago no Hi chapter 1c

Posted Jan 20, 2010.

Hey All (^w^)

Today’s release is Tamago no Hi chapter 01c which is a joint project with BangAQUA! Enjoy the new release and happy reading!

Also we are looking for a few more staff members to join our group:
Japanese Translators
A scanner for Hohoemi no Nichijou CH 4—7
Japanese Proofreader
Blog Translator—For Naono -san blog entries.

If your able to help send a e-mail to naonoholics@gmail.com

New Release: Holiday

Posted Jan 9, 2010.

Hey All (^w^)

Today were releasing the last half of the Pillow Talk + Holiday dj. Also were adding two new projects to our list. The first one is Naono’s dj Climax and the second is her new dj from Comiket Sakayume no Niwa. Project pages for both will be added later!

New Release: Tamago no Hi V1 Ch1b

Posted Jan 6, 2010.

Hey All (^w^)

Today we are releasing part 1b of the first chapter of Tamago no Hi. This is a joint release with BangAQUA. You can find the links on the project page or our livejournal. Enjoy the new release!

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