Netsuai Ch 1 and Ch 2


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FAQ Update

Posted Feb 15, 2011.

Hey All (^w^)

Since we’ve gotten a lot of inquiries on how to download our releases I updated the FAQ with a link on where to go so you can request access. Make sure to read all of the requirements before posting. From now on all e-mails on where to go to get granted access will be told to read the FAQ.

New Release: Elle to Takara v3

Posted Feb 14, 2011.

Happy Valentine’s Day All (^w^)

Today releases are chapters 4-8 from volume 3 of Mizuno Tohko Elle to Takara series which completes this volume! This release contains shota so if you don’t like it don’t read it. (~.^)
Special Thanks go to Monotone from DokiDoki for giving me the scans and script so I could finish out the series.

This story was continued in a series called The Market of Darkness which was being released in Shota Tama but I was only able to find one chapter after the first one that was released. If you have any information about the latest chapters send me an e-mail!

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