Netsuai Ch 1 and Ch 2


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Temporary Solution

Posted Feb 26, 2012.

Hi Again (^w^)

I’m still looking into various hosting sites and none really have what I’m looking for and the few that do want you to upgrade the account to use the feature so for the time being I’m just going to link to the new chapters released as a comment so people will be able to get the newest releases. Hopefully there will be a permanent place to host them soon.

If anyone knows of a site that allows you to share password protected folders that doesn’t require you to upgrade your account (I’m looking at you box.net >.>) please let me know.

So for the time being check the comments section to get the new releases! Check this one for links to our latest releases!

REMINDER: It takes time for a new news post to show up so if you don’t see the links in the comment section by the time this message shows up on the site don’t worry since as soon as i see it on site they will be posted.

It’s down again…

Posted Feb 25, 2012.

Hi Again (^w^)

It looks like the db hosting site is blocking people from seeing any files even though I can see and download them from my side. I will be moving it over to a new hosting place just have to find a good one to use. The pass will remain the same only the link will change.

Also from now on in the access request post instead of having to ask for both the link to the new db will be shared and you will only have to post for the password to access it. Will try to find more than one place so you will have more options to download.

Please bare with me while I move everything over since it a lot of re-uloading that has to be done.

DB is Back!

Posted Feb 24, 2012.

Hey All (^w^)

I just checked out the DB and everything seems to be back to normal now. It must have been an error on their end causing all the problems yesterday but luckily it was fixed quickly. You will find the final chapters of Kamisama in the v4 folder now.

New Release: In the Gods Arms V4 Complete!

Posted Feb 23, 2012.

Hey All (^w^)

Now that the project is finally finished I can stop calling it by it’s hidden number and just say that chapters 5, 6 and the extra of In the Gods Arms volume 4 have been released making this project complete! Thanks for waiting so patiently for these final chapters and enjoy the new releases and happy reading!

Also let me know if there is something wrong with accessing files in the DB since I was getting all kind of errors when trying to upload the files and haven’t been able to do so yet so please hold on while I try to figure out what’s wrong since I might end up having to re-upload a lot of files or change where they are being hosted and if that is the case I’ll let you all know after everything has been moved over.

Also have a few new projects I’ll be posting about later ;3

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