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New Project

Posted Mar 31, 2012.

Hey All (^w^)

I’m back and announcing another new project! We will be working on Naono’s newest oneshot Muchi to Obake no Shitsuke Kata which is a continuation of the previous story we released Koi to Obake no Sodate Kata. You will find the project page for it and the story I posted about before Climax S on the website now!

New DB us ready

Posted Mar 3, 2012.

Hey All (^w^)

I’m back with good news the DB is back up and all old releases are available again! The new DB will be hosted on mediafire and be open to everyone. All files are password protected but you will be able to see them all along with the links without doing anything.

Check out the FAQ for a link with all the info you’ll need to access our releases. Hopefully this one will work better than the old one. Let me know if any links go down or if anything is missing by posting on the thread linked to in the FAQ.

New Project + Hosting

Posted Mar 3, 2012.

Hey All (^w^)

I forgot to announce our new project last time so I’m posting to tell you all now. X3
Climax S is a doujin featuring the characters from Yami Ni Toubo E Mune Ni Toge! These are some characters we haven’t seen in a while so I’m happy to have them back. A project page will be yup for it later. There might be a few more later as well but I can’t say just yet. ;)

Lastly since no other hosting place had what I was looking for without paying to upgrade your account I switched over the DB to MF and since you can’t password protect directories/folders each download will have a password. I’ll make an announcement about it after everything has been set up.

Might make a DB for sendspace as well since you can earn points to get free max service so if I do make sure to download from there first if you can so we can continue to earn points to earn a max account for a month.

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