Netsuai Ch 1 and Ch 2


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New Release: BURNOUT + Reijin Festa 2011

Posted Aug 31, 2012.

Hey all (^w^)

Today’s new release is BURNOUT the special from Reijin Bravo 2012 and stars the character from a previous project Black Outsider. Enjoy the new releases and happy reading!

Also I forgot to post and upload to the non-members section about the other new release from a few days ago Reijin Festa 2011. You can now find it in the downloads folder for the Naono Bohra stories.

Looking for Help!

Posted Aug 8, 2012.

Hey All (^w^)

Sorry for the lack of new releases but with the few translators we have (only 3) being so busy at the moment we can’t release anything for the time being. We are looking for more translators to help out with a few of our current projects so if you would like more releases from us then please help us in the translation department. Even if it’s only for one project any Japanese translation help will be much appreciated.

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