Netsuai Ch 1 and Ch 2


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Posted Sep 16, 2015.

Hey All (^w^)

First I just wanted to apologies about the lack of releases. I’ve been quite busy with this semester of school since I’m taking a writing intensive course which means a lot of busy work, reading and writing of essays. I wish I had more time to work on NH projects as I use to but I have to put my course work first right now.

I do plan to start working on a new release sometime next week if I can get the paper I’m working on now done within the next few days. If so then I can work on a few pages everyday until I have to work on my final research paper which is going to take a big chuck of my time but hopefully before that happens I’ll have most of the pages done or have it completed.

Please look forward to the upcoming project and see you all again soon~!

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