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New Release: Tamago no Hi V3 Ch2

Posted Jul 31, 2016.

Hey All (^w^)

Today’s new release is Tamago no Hi V3 Ch2 which is a joint with the great group BangAQUA~! Just 2 chapters left until the end of this great manga. (^_-)-☆

We are almost at the end of the story and a few truths are going to be revealed along the way. Enjoy the new release and Happy Reading~!

Also please don’t forget that Naono Holics is recruiting! If you can help please e-mail us!

Mail Error Fixed! + Update

Posted Jul 21, 2016.

All thanks to Saya for fixing the mail issue so now all the old messages are starting to make their way into my inbox. I will reply to those that I need to over the next few days!

Also I’m finally working on my final and since next week is the end of this semester I’ll be able to start typesetting the project I had started on a while ago~!

EDIT: Just checked the inbox and now over 300 new messages showed up and more are still coming in.O_O
Some of them are from last year too. Sorry if you sent me an inquiry, question or comment during this time and I never got back to you. It looks like some got through but a lot of them didn’t. I promise I will work my way through all of them!

Naono Holics is recruiting~!

Posted Jul 13, 2016.

 photo recruit ad_zpsapzkotan.png
Naono Holics is looking for new members so please spread the word~!
Full or part-time help will be accepted.
Please send an e-mail if interested. (^w^)

Mail Error + Update

Posted Jul 11, 2016.

Hey All (^w^)

I just found out that something is wrong with the contact form and any messages sent through it haven’t been making it to my inbox for almost 3 weeks. If you sent a message or comment during this time please e-mail directly to the group e-mail at naonoholics[@]gmail.com remove the [ ] around the @ symbol. Will try and see if I can get it fixed.

Also I’m almost done with my summer classes and afterwards I’ll be able to jump back into scanlations. I will also be posting a recruitment post at the time as well.

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