Netsuai Ch 1 and Ch 2


Volumes: 1
Publisher: NAIFU
Genre: fantasy, yaoi

A reprint collection of 4 doujin with a special story drawn for the release of this book.
Story List

1. Otoyami no Mori -Yume no Koe- While visiting the market one day, Doctor Ao happens upon a stand where they're selling demons and reluctantly purchases one as his own. Although the demon has been treated harshly in the past, he meets kindness at his new master's hands and comes to find peace with him. But when that peace is threatened can they find their way back to each other?! Or will the demon disappear for good?! - Yukiari

2. Yumeoi no Mori - Young demon Alcan has lived alone in the mountains away from both humans and demons for ten years. When he finds biology scholar Vim unconscious at the bottom of a cliff, he saves Vim's life and takes him in as a slave. Vim's students search for their professor but demons stumble across the human first while Alcan is out one day. Will Alcan save Vim in time and will he let Vim go back to his village? - tatereed

3. Itsuwari no Mori - Demon Hugh used to take care of the son of the daimyo Yuusu when he was young, but he has gone back to being the pet of Yuusu’s mother. Yuusu injures Hugh so that he may be dismissed from as his position, but Yuusu only provokes his mother into selling Hugh away. A week later, Yuusu finds Hugh in the possession of a kind doctor and his demon companion. Yuusu wants Hugh back but Hugh doesn’t want to see him ever again. Can Yuusu convince Hugh to return or will Yuusu abandon his fiefdom for Hugh? - tatereed

4. Yoru Utau Mori - This continuing story with the characters from Yumeoi no Mori opens with Vim thinking about his last five years with Alcan. He tells Alcan that he should find a nice female demon to love and this provokes Alcan to prove his love for Vim. However, he hurts Vim instead and runs away in shame. When Vim sees Alcan with a female demon, he goes back to his institute, but is captured by officials who want to know where to find Alcan. Will Alcan save Vim in time again or is this the end of our two lovers? - tatereed

5. Mori ni Shizumu Tsuki - While picking plants out for Vim, Alcan comes across Ao, Yuusu, and their respective demon lovers. Alcan thinks Ao is hurting the demons during a check-up and sings a song of destruction, only to realize that Ao was only taking out Hugh’s stitches. Alcan heals everyone and gets back to Vim’s institute to find Ao and Ian renting a room there. As Alcan bemoans his inability to spend more time with Vim, Ian himself is filled with self-doubt. Can both demons successfully convey their feelings to their lovers? - tatereed

1. Otoyami no Mori -Yume no Koe- Released
2. Yumeoi no Mori - Released
3. Itsuwari no Mori - Released
4. Yoru Utau Mori - Released
5. Mori ni Shizumu Tsuki - Released