Netsuai Ch 1 and Ch 2


ISBN: 4-8124-5291-0
Volumes: 1
Publisher: BAMBOO COMICS REIJIN Selection
Genre: original, yaoi

Stories were working on are Where Expectations Lie, The Whereabouts of Runaway Evolution, Ocean in the East and True Expectations (extra).

Where Expectations Lie - "No one knows the real Nanao Koizuki," but Masayuki is slowly starting to. After getting caught stealing Koizuki’s clothes, Masayuki becomes Koizuki’s toy. But Masayuki wants to become stronger and doesn’t want Koizuki to despise him, so he plans to withdraw from school. What does Koizuki have to say to that? Does Koizuki like Masayuki the same way at all or will he let Masayuki transfer? - tatereed

The Whereabouts of Runaway Evolution - Brother, I just can’t help myself. I want to sink my teeth into your flesh. I have become an animal that has gone against evolution, but if I could have you just once I wouldn’t even care if I died. For you I will let this monster growing inside me free. - Yukiari

Ocean in the East - The ocean, blue beyond blue that exists in the sky and on land and grants life to all things. I want to see it, I want hear it, and I want to touch it. Will you take me there? Of course, I will show you the world… just get better soon…please? - Yukiari