Netsuai Ch 1 and Ch 2


Volumes: 1
Publisher: Reijin
Genre: Yaoi

Yuuwaku Sentiment #2 - After being in a three-year innocent relationship with school counselor Hanada, student council president Shin is impatient to have some progress. He convinces his twin brother Subaru to give him advice and also asks his twinís lover, Tsukihara. Hanada oversees them and mistakenly thinks they are in a relationship, pushing Shin away. Will Shin ever get to find out the reason and have a chance to clear the misunderstanding? Or will Hanada continue to ignore his young lover? - tatereed

Koi no Jikan - Ryuuichi and Mamoru have been in a relationship for ten years, but both are starting to wonder if the other is falling out of love after Mamoru catches a girl confessing to Ryuuichi and Ryuuichi sees Mamoru out shopping with a student. Will Mamoru convince Ryuuichi he is still very much in love and can Ryuuichi convince Mamoru of the same? Or will they both believe their misunderstandings and give up? - tatereed

Doryoku no Jikan - Mamoruís student Yoshida corners him in the warehouse and tells him that he is in love with Mamoru. Is Mamoruís virtue at stake or can he protect himself from his student? - tatereed

Shiawase na Koto wa - After graduation, both Hoshino twins spend some time with their older lovers. - tatereed

Cover Comics - A one-page follow-up for story #3: Mogura to Taiyou and story #4: Boku dake no Kimi, Kimi dake no Boku. - tatereed

Story 2 Yuuwaku Sentiment #2 (Joint with Countless Times) - Released
Story 6 Koi no Jikan - Released
Omake 1 Doryoku no Jikan - Released
Omake 2 Shiawase na Koto wa - Released
Yuuwaku Sentiment Extras - Released